Advanced Refining Technologies LLC (ART Hydroprocessing) and Gladieux Metals Recycling, LLC (GMR) announced a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore a full-cycle catalyst management service for hydroprocessing catalysts in North America.
“Partnering with GMR enables ART to provide a convenient and environmentally sustainable solution for our customers,” said André Lanning, “It is part of our targeted strategy for full-cycle catalyst management services.”
About ART Hydroprocessing
ART Hydroprocessing (ART), a Chevron and Grace joint venture, is a leading supplier of hydroprocessing catalysts that produce cleaner fuels. ART offers a complete portfolio of resid hydrotreating, resid and conventional hydrocracking and lubes hydroprocessing, and distillate hydrotreating catalyst technologies through a global manufacturing network. ART combines Chevron’s extensive expertise in refining operations, catalyst technology and development, process design leadership, and licensing with Grace’s materials science, specialty chemical manufacturing, and global sales and technical service strengths, to improve refiners’ profitability through catalytic solutions that improve the quality and yields of fuels refined from a wide variety of feedstocks.
About Gladieux Metals Recycling
Gladieux Metals Recycling, LLC (GMR), one of the leaders of spent petroleum catalyst recycling since 1973, recovers molybdenum, vanadium, nickel, cobalt, and various alumina products used in chemical and metallurgical applications. GMR provides streamlined, end-to-end, verified tracking, delivering best-in-class circular economy solutions. For years, GMR has been ahead of its time in delivering sustainable technologies and best practices in product stewardship.