Recycling and refining materials for sustainable energy future

Gladieux Metals Recycling (GMR) recycles spent hydroprocessing catalyst generated by petroleum refineries during the production of gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel.


Over the past 50 years GMR has established itself as an industry leading producer of high-quality metal commodities by employing a hybrid combination of pyromet and hydromet operations to reclaim cobalt, nickel, molybdenum, and vanadium. The strategic metals that we recover are made into a variety of high-purity specialty products, matching our reclaimed products to the customer’s specifications.

We can supply products for use in specialty chemical and catalyst applications as well as products for critical steel, foundry, and superalloy processes.

GMR’s enclosed materials handling and transfer system adds flexibility to accept larger volumes of spent catalyst, in all packaging types (rail, bins, rolloff, drums, and supersacks), that allows the plant operations to sustainably reach nameplate capacity and accommodate future planned expansions in throughput to better serve the nation’s petroleum industry.
The new materials transfer system features pneumatic unloading for catalyst receipts by rail and hydraulic-assisted bin to roll-off container for catalyst receipts in bins. The result of the logistics upgrades is a reliable, clear representation of throughput with a streamlined and simplified route of catalyst from receipt to the manufacture of end products.
Gladieux Metals Recycling dual stack
Enclosed solid materials handling and storage using pneumatic transfer and silos
Gladieux Metals Recycling
Environmental enhancements to capture particulate matter
Manifest review and audit trails play an integral role in GMR’s materials tracking required by RCRA regulations.
For accurate metals accounting, the GMR laboratory contains state-of-the-art analytical instrumentation to support the process operations and all laboratory analyses are performed in accordance with EPA requirements and permits.

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