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Position Summary: As an analyst on our team, you will lead the creation and maintenance of key deliverables for our company working for senior executives who worked at bulge bracket investment banks. Responsibilities will include:

  • Data analytics: Independently sources information and analyze it to determine trends as well as anomalies’
  • Databases: manages large data sources from numerous vendors to analyze trends and creates outputs for management
  • M&A: can compile comprehensive balance sheet analyses, synergies, valuation and customary accretion/dilution analysis
  • Valuation: Understands the key drivers of what drives value including the ability to run various scenarios in Excel
  • Insight: Has intellectual curiosity to track changes in the industry and maintain databases with key information
  • Communication: Can effectively communicate key findings, provide updates and provide recommendations
  • Materials: Can effectively build presentations/word documents and provide quality control on the materials as well as schedule meetings and track follow ups
  • Teamwork: Can work with multiple team members from various disciplines


  • Bachelor’s degree in engineering, finance or business from a top tier institution
  • 1+ year of experience in analytic roles (investment banking, management consulting, industry)
  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to adapt to a rapidly changing sector
  • Understand the fundamentals of the recycling and electric vehicle business
  • Track record of delivering excellent materials (PowerPoint/Microsoft Word)
  • Strong experience in managing complex valuation models and maintaining project databases
  • Track record of collaborating with senior executives

Working Conditions and Physical Requirements:
Must be able to:

  • Push, pull and lift a minimum of 15 pounds.
  • Stand, sit, walk, reach and bend as required.
  • Sit at a desk and operate a computer for an entire shift.
  • Wear safety gear and required PPE.
  • Pass employment physical including a drug and alcohol test.

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** Equal Opportunity Employer **

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