Houston, TX., May 2, 2023 — Aleon Renewable Metals (ARM), an integrated lithium-ion battery recycler, and, Forge Nano, a global leader in surface engineering and precision nano-coating technology, announced a partnership today for battery recycling and supply of battery materials. Aleon Renewable Metals will recycle Forge Nano’s battery scrap at its industry-leading battery recycling facilities in Texas and Oklahoma utilizing Forge Nano’s technology to manufacture cathode active materials (CAM) from the battery grade materials produced by ARM. These facilities aim to make battery recycling easier and more cost effective while outputting leading CAMs made in the U.S. using Forge Nano’s proprietary Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) coating technology, Atomic Armor™. Batteries made with Atomic Armor are optimized to be longer-lasting and safer than current batteries on the market. ARM’s facility is expected to annually produce battery grade materials equivalent to 35 GWh of renewable power.

Approximately three billion batteries are thrown away every year in America alone, posing environmental and economical threats far beyond the lifetime of the battery itself. Until now, few companies have addressed the challenges of recycling lithium-ion battery materials. Together, Forge Nano and Aleon are bringing over four decades of combined experience aiming to make E-waste a thing of the past with a 100% renewable energy process.

“We are dedicated to driving sustainability and innovation. Aleon Renewable Metals leverages our proprietary recycling technologies to support the global transition to circular supply chains and cleaner energy. Our high-purity, cost-competitive battery grade materials are positioned to meet the growing domestic demands of the EV market for metal sulfates and lithium compounds used in high-performance cathodes,” said Tarun Bhatt, CEO of Aleon Renewable Metals. “With our experience in metal recovery and commitment to sustainable solutions, we are excited to partner with Forge Nano to develop downstream cathode active materials. Together, we will address the projected lithium, nickel, and cobalt supply/demand deficits to create a more attractive environment for sustainable energy production.”

“In partnership with Aleon Renewable Metals, our technology will be used to provide sustainable and significant cost and performance advantages over competing recyclers making CAMs” said James Trevey, CTO, Forge Nano. “With the cost and performance benefits enabled by Atomic Armor, implementation of this U.S.-born nano-coating technology into the battery-recycling loop embodies the leapfrog improvement in technological advancement everyone has been waiting for in the lithium-ion battery industry.”

As active members of NAATBatt and the MPSC, both companies have demonstrated their dedication to a sustainable battery ecosystem, and their commitment to making a difference in the battery waste problem. This exciting partnership will bring together two world-renowned battery powerhouses in the hopes of taking battery recycling technology to the next level.

“Particle coatings in the field of battery technology are an enabler to excel in the marketplace, which Forge Nano is doing as the global leader in ALD methods to achieve the essential coating characteristics,” said Bob Galyen, energy storage technology expert and chairman of Galyen Energy. “The U.S. battery supply chain depends on this kind of innovation to compete on the world stage.” 


About Aleon Metals:

Aleon Metals is a leading catalyst and lithium-ion battery recycling company that specializes in recovering critical metals for use in infrastructure and renewable energy. Since our establishment in 1973, we have emerged as a global technology leader in metal recovery, propelled by our unwavering commitment to sustainable solutions for the world’s most pressing energy and environmental challenges.

At Aleon Metals, we are passionate about using our proprietary, commercially proven technology to drive a sustainable future. Gladieux Metals Recycling is North America’s largest catalyst recycler, while Aleon Renewable Metals is revolutionizing the green energy sector by building manufacturing plants that can generate up to 35 GWh of battery metals for electric vehicles and energy storage systems. As a socially responsible organization, we work closely with our partners and suppliers to ensure ethical and sustainable business practices.

About Forge Nano:  

Forge Nano is a global leader in advanced surface engineering and precision nano-coating technology, using Atomic Layer Deposition. The company’s proprietary Atomic Armor technology and manufacturing processes make atom-thick coatings fast, affordable and commercially viable for a wide range of materials, applications and industries. Forge Nano’s suite of equipment and services cover the full spectrum from lab-scale tools to world-scale commercial manufacturing.